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We strongly believe that adherence to our clients' investment objectives and proper execution on our strengths is what defines our ultimate success. Our clients recognize that Wolverine’s investment style emphasizes both preservation as well as growth of capital, resulting in a total return approach to asset management. We believe our systematic vision, encompassing both an offensive and a defensive perspective, will continue to serve our clients successfully well into the future.

While the average investor tends to focus solely on the performance of their investments, our clients realize that performance is only one component of a comprehensive investment process. Investment return potential and risk are inextricably linked to one another – our yield-enhanced strategies are uniquely designed to deliver a return that exceeds our balanced benchmarks, without our taking on added commensurate risk. It is our use of convertible securities together with the judicious execution of covered call option strategies to generate greater cash flows, that produces higher returns with less risk.

Wolverine provides customized portfolio management to both individual and institutional investors, including corporate treasury departments. As a sub-advisor, we manage money on behalf of the substantial clients of wealth managers, private banks, financial planners, hedge funds, and family offices. Our firm remains strongly committed and well positioned to assist investors facing a challenging market environment in the decade ahead.

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