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Our Mission

Wolverine’s mission throughout our twenty-year history has remained constant – delivering superior risk-adjusted returns, and protecting the principal our clients have spent a lifetime accumulating.

One of our goals is for clients to share with us the idea of what our firm stands for. Years ago, family crests and shields were commonly devised to help portray a family’s special characteristics. In depicting our mission and value proposition, we have also adopted images that capture the key attributes of our business model and investment style. At the genesis of our firm, the wolverine was selected in large part because we identified in ourselves many of this creature’s exclusive and natural qualities:

“Strength and Stability” – financial soundness, longevity of our business, and loyalty to our founding investment principles and client-driven tenets.

“Intelligence” – tenacious research and expert execution of our unique and proprietary yield-enhanced strategies.

“Fearlessness” – never deviating from our stated investment discipline and style, regardless of the incessant challenges presented to us by the financial markets.

“Voracity” – maintaining our limitless appetite for embracing and absorbing new ideas, and continually improving upon our core competencies.

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