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Our Yield-Enhanced Strategies

Ships are safe in harbor, but a ship must perform well no matter how rough the seas.  Our quest together begins by custom-tailoring the investment portfolio to suit each client's particular income requirements and tolerance for risk. Integral to Wolverine's core fleet of capabilities is the use of the convertible security as an equity or fixed-income alternative, however most applicable. Our predominant use of convertibles in our portfolio structuring instills a measure of downside protection in the event of extreme emotional or unanticipated sell-offs in the market. During an era of low stock dividend payouts, these hybrid instruments provide a superior cash return far in excess above that of the underlying common stock. This fixed-income performance advantage provides client portfolios with downside exposure that is less than that of the representative stock in a declining market, while also allowing upside potential in an advancing market.


We can't direct the wind, but we can always trim our sails. Essential to our firm's management of risk is the use of covered calls on the common stock underlying our convertible positions. Our innovative yield-enhanced portfolios are designed to generate income supplementary to conventional dividend and interest income. This dynamic performance advantage helps to optimize risk and return, either by acting as an additional protective downside measure, or as extra cash available to be distributed to clients.

The primary objective of Wolverine's flagship Yield-Enhanced Securities portfolio is superior income, cash flow and controlled risk, with a secondary objective of capital appreciation. Wolverine utilizes a growth and value approach in selecting income-producing convertibles, corporate bonds and the common stocks of large and medium capitalization companies whose underlying equity represents consistent long-term growth potential. Portfolio investments are analyzed using top-down, bottom-up and technical trading methodologies. The goal is to deliver alpha to a client's global portfolio by generating equity-like returns accompanied by bond-like volatility.


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